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Variety Boys and Girls Club, Los Angeles, CA

Partnering Climbing Gym: LA Boulders – Touchstone Climbing

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With the help of TOMS and Jason Momoa, we were able to gift a climbing wall to the Variety L.A. Boys and Girls Club.

During the construction of the new wall, we took 27 kids climbing with day passes @ LA Boulders.

The Variety Boys and Girls Club stats:

  • Serves 2500 kids / year
  • Exposed 200 + kids to climbing so far
  • Serves ages 6-16
  • 27 kids have visited LAB  and visited Cliffs of Id climbing gyms
  • 10 parents have been introduced to climbing
  • The wall is used by 50 kids/week

“Climbing can be a positive sense of escape and a positive activity that they (kids) build some identity around. I’m excited to see and meet some of the kids that will climb for the first time. I’m really excited to see in 5, 10, 15 years who these kids become.”  – Blake Mycoskie

96% of children surveyed report that climbing has increased their self-confidence.

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